The Peshawar Attack and the Implication for Afghanistan Featured

The attack on the Peshawar school will no doubt lead the Pakistani government to take further measures against the Taliban movement (TTP, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) that are largely based in the North-Western Federally Administered Tribal Areas, along the Afghan border in Pakistan. In the past six months, while attempting to handle the military offensive in North Waziristan, the Pakistani army hasn’t yielded much success in terms of eliminating or capturing any prominent members of the movement. To date, most of their successes have come from the military operations inside Afghanistan led by the US forces. For example, Hakimullah Mehsud the leader of the TTP was killed in a US drone strike last year and Latif Mehsud, who was second in command, was captured by US forces

With the recent bombing, the Pakistani regime has far greater support to take further measures, and so, the question is, will Pakistan go further this time and deny the Pakistani Taliban support based in Afghanistan? The current leader of the TTP is alleged to have taken refuge there. This is because weapons, fighters and money are easily moved across the seemingly porous border. The Afghan regime also has the same interest in denying the Afghan Taliban a support base inside Pakistan despite the fact that many of the Afghan Taliban leaders have sought refuge there for years. Is there a convergence of interest between the two governments to deal the final blow to the Taliban movement as a whole?

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Last modified on Thursday, 18 December 2014 17:50

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