The Afghan Quartet for Peace in Ramadan

My latest book, which explores conflict and the possibility for peace in the Islamic World as well as globally is on course, and as I write the final section on what it will take to achieve world peace, I find evidence of its manifestation, in the conflict zone of Afghanistan.  I believe that we are still a very long way off from peace being fully established but minds are changing and action is slowly being taken in this area, meaning that things have started to change.  In my latest article for the Afghan Online Press, I make a short analysis of how, this Ramadan, the International climate is changing, and previously conflicting powers are slowly unifying, setting the stage for peace in this war-torn nation  - Yamin Zakaria


According to a recent article in the Foreign Affairs Journal, peace may be imminent in Afghanistan. All the major parties involved, the Afghan government, Pakistan, China, the US and the Taliban are converging towards a settlement, bringing an end to the Taliban insurgency that has gone on for over a decade. This new climate for peace exists for the following reasons.

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