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Our article today is not so much one of words as of images. Many of you will recognise the display photo, which has even been acknowledged by the BBC. It is of Hudea, the four-year-old Syrian girl who instantly raised her hands up in fear when she thought that a camera was yet another dangerous weapon. Hudea and those like her, be they in Syria, Iraq or Palestine are usually described as "Children of war". The reality is that most people in these "war-torn" nations do not have any means of fighting back against the Western Governments' sophisticated weaponry, so it would be more apt to call it Genocide; and unlike in historical Britain, these children have no safe space to which they may be evacuated while the adults handle the terrors of large-scale attacks. These children are in our thoughts and prayers, and if we care to bring about justice, they must be in our sociopolitical activities and charity-giving efforts too. As we discover every time Palestine comes under a worse than usual attack, there are people who have no idea this is going on. It can often be hard to know what best to do in this situation and an easy step is to raise awareness by Liking, Tweeting and sharing this article so that as many people as possible are at least aware of the reality for too many of today's children - Yamin Zakaria and the Team @ Radical Views

 Another Syrian child starving in the Siege of Homs 

A traumatised Palestinian crawling through post-explosion rubble 

A Palestinian child hospitalised due to Israeli weaponry - this is a milder injury

The REAL results of the US-UK led attack on Iraq based on the WMD pretext.

America's chemical warfare on the Iraqis also causes long-term injury in other ways.

An Afghan child killed by US NATO airstrikes

Afghan children not peacefully sleeping but killed for being the enemy

In the old days of Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto, the slogan was roti, kapra and makan (food, clothing and housing), in this election it was neya Pakistan (new Pakistan); a new Pakistan that is free of corruption. It was the hope and aspiration of many, especially the younger generation, who are exasperated seeing the decade of corruption within the two dominant parties, PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) and PML (Pakistan Muslim League) and their failure to eradicate the wider corruption in society that has manifested itself in nepotism, bribery and the influential feudal system.
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