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Your Holiness, As you must already know, the most powerful religion of the West is now failing. It has lost its moral authority under the weight of so many scandals and cannot possibly recover because no liberal feminist atheist secular Western politician has the will to defend the Church. Indeed, these depraved heathens actively desire the destruction of social conservatism and religion in their mania to enjoy their sexual liberation uncriticised.

In another age, a non-matriarchal government might wish to defend the Church, but no longer, infested as it is by atheists, homosexuals, liberals and feminists who feel only contempt and disgust for social conservatives and the institution of marriage. Such is the depravity and dementia of the typical Western politician that in Britain we have Catholic MPs voting for gay marriage.

Today, an Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected the Roman Catholic Church's new Pope. I would like to send him my sincere congratulations and best wishes on the momentous responsibility that lies ahead. I am not a Christian but I believe in God too, the One God to be precise. As a local Imam in London and a member of the Abrahamic faiths, I have a list of special requests to the new Pope elected at the Vatican:

‘We don’t stay dead long’

Handsome young actor Ben Whishaw says in the Cloud Atlas movie, before sticking a gun into his mouth and blowing his brains out. Ghastly but still, an exalted profession of faith in reincarnation? Trendy and alluring hypothesis, perhaps, yet incoherent, I suspect.

Whishaw plays a gay composer, Robert Frobisher, as well as other post-mortem roles separate in space and time. The suggestion is that his soul has transmigrated into each. But now consider: a clerk in musical record shop today suddenly announces: ‘I remember being Frobisher! I am back!’ And he provides plenty of evidence to that effect. You think hard and examine the evidence then decide to buy that: Frobisher has truly reincarnated as the clerk. Unfortunately a day later another chap, a City stock broker, turns up and claims: ‘I am Frobisher! I did not stay dead long!’ He too produces amazing proof, documents, memories only the defunct Frobisher could have known. What do you conclude? Two Frobishers? How can that be? But trouble has only begun: a third Frobisher-claimant surfaces, a vagrant in Chelsea. He too only knows intimate facts and secrets about the historical Frobisher. Threefold reincarnation then? And it could go on...

Khidhr: an enigmatic personage in the Qur’an. An attendant or companion of Moses in the sura of the Cave. Walking along together, Khidhr performs three apparently irrational or wicked actions. Particularly cruel is the slaying of a young, innocent boy. Moses remonstrates but Khidr enjoins patience. Later Moses learns that, had the youth grown up, he would have caused his parents much grief by his evil deeds. All’s well that ends well.

Doing evil so that good may come. St Paul in Romans repudiates the notion, of which Christians had been slanderously accused. Ever since it has been a fundamental principle of Christian ethics NOT to do evil so that good may come. Yet, you can imagine cases when the contrary appeals.

A departed soul, a Christian, reaches the heavenly realm. St Peter, guardian of the pearly gates, gives him a little introduction tour around the house. All’s well till they get to a vast place surrounded by a very tall wall. ‘What’s that?’ the visitor inquires. ‘Keep your voice down!’ St Peter urges. ‘That is the place reserved for Muslims but they must not know we are here. They believe Heaven is exclusively for them alone!’

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