Radicalisation – Causes and Solutions

After the recent beheading of a British soldier in Woolwich, the government announced its plan to combat radicalisation, yet the plan solely consisted of targeting the primary victims of radicalisation; the voiceless Muslim minority. As a peaceful British citizen, I am deeply concerned about the rising tide of radicalisation over the last decade; consequentially, violent actions have followed resulting in the deaths of many innocent people; this is coupled with a systematic demonization of a community by the acidic mass media. In recent times, the media propaganda has been accompanied with racial undertones that have emboldened the xenophobic far right groups, and there is little sign of this process coming to a halt, let alone being reversed.

This radicalisation process started with the Blair regime. Indeed, one may ask what caused Tony Blair as a leader of the socialist orientated Labour party, to join hands with the radical right wing Republican party of George Bush, and his neo-conservative cabal that are marginally to the left of the far right. Most Americans are radicalised, they are xenophobic, inherently violent, obsessed with guns, operate with the Wild West philosophy of shoot first then asks question. One can only speculate what sort of program Blair was put through at the ranch in Texas, but after his return, he started to cite God as justification for his policies, despite being head of a secular nation that says keep religion out of politics. Yet, religion was invoked whilst the killings went on, and he remains unrepentant, waiting for his place in heaven, according to his conviction in a Catholic God, these are clear signs of a radicalised man.

Just prior to the Iraq invasion, Tony Blair visibly looked disturbed, his facial expression had changed, and sounded more like one of those lunatic American Christian preachers that rants on the stage and speaks in tongue. He started to concoct stories about the threat from Saddam Hussein, from the 45 minute threat to dodgy dossier; even today he seems confused about the source of anger at home and abroad.

There needs to be a top down approach to tackle this Radicalisation issue. Starting with a radical shift in the neo-colonial foreign policy that was based on US dictates, the closure of Guantanamo Bay, a halt to the torture and rendition of innocent people, a thorough investigation of the war crimes committed in Iraq, and prepare the grounds for arresting Tony Blair to stand trial at the Hague.

The acidic mass media dominated by the Zionist elites needs to be thoroughly cleansed, starting with hate preachers like Melanie Phillips, Douglas Murray, and the likes that whip up hatred and cause rifts in the community. In addition, the tabloid press needs to enhance the vocabulary standards with fewer images that will help to stop feeding hate filled messages to the far right, as most of their members would find it difficult to comprehend the content.

The government should monitor members of the far right UKIP, and the very far right EDL (English Defence League) who are a conveyor belt for producing terrorists that are indiscriminately targeting mosques, and various members of the ethnic community, in trying to reclaim the British heritage, yet many are found ordering Indian takeaway and secretly covet Black and Asian women! Many of the drunken EDL members unable to distinguish the Muslim turban from the Sikh Turban, thus, attacked member of the peaceful Sikh community. Not forgetting the creators of EDL, the government should monitor Anjem Choudary and his fellow activists, they are often found in the grubby Asian Fried chicken and kebab places as most mosques have barred them; they provide the fuel for EDL type of groups.

Instead of recognising the causes of radicalisation, the establishment has conveniently defined radicalisation as indoctrination of a young Muslim by a radical Imam; it is simply the injection of ideas bearing no relation to the real world. This is a an idiotic argument, radicalisation takes place when young Muslims see images of dead women and children as a price for US-led adventures which Britain under the leadership of Blair chose to take part in. These images naturally fuels anger and resentment. Moreover, Imams in most Mosques are apolitical, except those who voice legitimate concerns about the terrorist activities taking place in the Muslim world through our armed forces. At this point, unwittingly I would concur with Anjem Choudary, the real purpose behind the pretext of combating radicalisation is to suppress the voices that are critical of British foreign policy and the war crimes committed abroad.

Yamin Zakaria (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Published on 28/05/2013 London, UK www.radicalviews.org http://yaminzakaria.blogspot.com

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