A Quick Look at the Real ISIS Supporters.

Sitting in the UK and uncritically consuming our media flow, it can be easy to believe that it is all of our young Muslims are running away to the Middle East to join ISIS, but who is actually providing that group with the most support? This infographic, published by the Independent Newspaper via the Brookings Institute, shows who, exactly, is giving them a shout-out on Twitter, one of the world's most active social media platforms. And do you know what? The UK is at the bottom end of that list. Unsurprising really, as the majority of British Muslims are quite sickened to see Islam associated with that group. Maybe Theresa May should take note before branding Muslim citizens as 'Anti-British extremists' next time, as she did in Monday's speech?

Last modified on Sunday, 02 April 2017 09:22

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